We’re in the midst of a glorious fall season. Many of us have looked forward to the weather turning cool and cozy, and the fiery colors of the trees outside add to the particular beauty of the season. What you might have been dreading, however, is the cleanup that accompanies the months of September, October, and November. With the right tools and methods, you can have your grass looking clean and neat again. Here are our 5 most effective ways to clean up fallen leaves.

Use a Lawnmower

In the spring and summer, you would have broken out the lawnmower to keep your grass trim and neat. With fall here already, your lawnmower can serve another purpose. You can use it to cut your grass as usual, but it can also help you grind down fallen leaves and scoop those leaves into a grass bag. Quick and effective, this method kills two birds with one stone!

Get a Large Rake

Sometimes, you might just need to get down to business. The best way to clean up a thick coat of fallen leaves might just be breaking out a rake. With that said, make your job easier by getting a large rake that covers a larger area in one stroke. It’s a simple but effective tip that gets your backyard cleaner faster!

Use a Leaf Blower

Another classic method, a leaf blower can blast the dead leaves off your backyard in no time. Raking can be laborious and back-breaking work, so upgrade with a leaf blower instead. Remember to be careful that you’re not blowing any leaves into your neighbors’ yard, though!

Get the Kids Involved

Keeping your household clean doesn’t have to be all on you! Raking leaves is an ideal chore for kids. It’s easy enough to do, safe enough for them to handle, and gets them some exercise outdoors. Start off with a basic rake and some gloves and let your kids explore new ways to get the yard clean. It can also be a great way for your family to bond: make it a family activity by scheduling the raking in the late afternoon, so that you can all regroup and enjoy a mug of warm cider or hot chocolate afterwards just before dinner! The crisp smell of fallen leaves, the rhythm of the raking, and the taste of those sweet, warm beverages will be part of the memories that your kids can carry for a lifetime – and they’ll even learn some valuable lessons about hard work along the way!

Enjoy the Beauty of Fall

The dramatic colors, heightened senses and coziness of fall makes it a favorite season of many, but that beauty comes with a little work. Ensuring that your backyard is swept clean regularly does more than just keep it looking neat – it can also prevent the growth of mold on your lawn that can fester over winter and be harmful to your grass in the long run. If you’re looking for a professional leaf cleaner in Texas, feel free to get a quote from the Texas Landscape Management today.

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