Complete Lawn Care Package

Lawn Mowing Service

Texas Landscape Management not only takes pride in the the look of your lawn, but it's health as well. Our mowing service is a core element in our maintenance packages. We make sure to use sharp blades (sharpened weekly), cut in a different direction every time to prevent damaging your lawn, and use proper mow heights depending on the grass type and season.


We use professional grade string trimmers around the entire perimeter of your property, as well as any trees, flower beds or other obstacles in your yard. Standard with every service, we also trim weeds in your flower beds ensuring they don't become overgrown and unsightly.

Bed & Crack Maintenance *

Standard with every lawn service, we trim the weeds in your mulch beds and the cracks in your driveway & sidewalk to ensure they don't become overgrown and unsightly which is a key component to a great looking lawn.


Sharp edges are a signature component of a well maintained lawn. We edge your lawn with EVERY service, whether it needs it or not and we put proper edges on all flower beds, ensuring grass does not grow into the beds or your border.

Blowing & Clean Up

All hard surfaces are blown and cleaned off to remove any grass clippings, leaves, or debris, leaving your home with a fresh clean look.

Ongoing Bed/Walkway Spraying

A single weed can produce thousands of seeds in a season which make your beds look unsightly, and can contribute to weeds in your lawn as well. Additionally, rock beds and walkways can't be trimmed by string trimmers. We will apply a pre-emergent herbicide up two times annually, and treat your beds & walkways monthly with post emergent herbicide, ensuring you have excellent curb appeal all year long.

Periodic Maintenance

These maintenance services are automatically scheduled as needed in our Complete Lawn Care Package and are charged at the time of service. A 10% discount is applied for membership in this package.

Hedge Trimming

Shrubs and Hedges can grow fast, and start to look messy, especially during the summer. Trimming too much at one time can also harm them. We'll make sure your hedges are maintained quarterly throughout the year.

Mulch Maintenance

Over time, mulch colors fade due to frequent exposure to sunlight. It also thins out from decomposing and being blown or washed away. It's important to maintain a layer between 2-4 inches deep. As part of our annual mulch maintenance program, we will mix and turn your mulch, helping to preserve it's color, and add a thin layer (typically an inch) to replace any mulch that has decomposed or has been blown away. Paired with our ongoing bed maintenance, this program will keep your mulch beds in excellent condition for many years to come and prevent a costly bed overhaul.

Leaf Cleanup

With our standard mow schedule, we always mulch your leaves going into fall and winter, which helps fertilize your lawn and saves you the cost of removal. However, if you have large trees that drop an excessive amount of leaves, this can be detrimental to the health of your lawn and they should be removed. Based on your property's needs, we will bag and remove excessive layers of leaves, up to three times per year. Typically once in November, December and January.

* Standard bed and crack maintenance includes trimming weeds in mulch beds and cracks with a string trimmer to ground level and does not include removal. We do not trim weeds that are overgrown and too thick to cut with a string trimmer nor do we trim weeds that are growing within other plants. We may not be able to trim beds due to various conditions like certain mulch types, too many plants etc… Due to liability of flying debris, we do not trim any rock/gravel beds or cracks that have rocks, gravel etc… In cases where trimming is not available, and for further weed control we offer bed cleanup and ongoing spraying services.

Complete Lawn Care follows our standard mow schedule. It may be scheduled for weekly or bi-weekly service and for your convenience, automatically renews annually. However, there are no contracts and you may cancel at any time!

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