Leaf Cleanup Services in Spring, TX

Our Leaf Cleanup Process

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Step #1

Blow out

The first step in our leaf cleanup service is blowing out leaves from the entire property (beds, walkways, corners, sides of home etc…) into the lawn so they can be collected.


Step #2


We then use our commercial mower and bagging system to mulch the leaves, which breaks them down into tiny pieces and collects them in the bagger. With this system we can collect more leaves in fewer bags.

trash bags

Step #3

Haul Away

Finally, we load the bags into our trucks and haul away, leaving your property with a INSTANT curb appeal instead of having bags near your curb for a week.

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Step #4

Proper Disposal

The final step in our leaf cleanup service is to ensure proper disposal of the leaves at an authorized green waste recycling facility. 

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Texas Landscape Management is committed to delivering superior quality and reliability, at an affordable price, and giving back to the communities we serve.

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