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What Sets Us Apart

No contracts, ever. *

You shouldn’t have to be locked into a contract just to get your grass cut and that’s just something we won’t ever do! You can cancel your service at any time, no matter which plan you are on.

Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED*

Nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction. For this reason, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on workmanship! If, for some reason there is an issue with the work we have performed, we will come back and fix it FOR FREE. After that, if the problem is still not resolved, we will pay a competitor to fix it! That’s Our Promise.

Straight forward, up front pricing.

There’s no guesswork when it comes to our pricing. We use fair, standardized pricing and always provide up front estimates. We have priced all of our services competitively across the board and have no desire in “getting over” on anyone. We know what it costs to run our business, and we don’t need to take advantage of anyone to do it.

Convenient Billing

Tired of back and forth texting, waiting around for your lawn guy to come pickup his cash? Having to manually send payments via zelle or cashapp? We offer convenient credit card billing that is automatically billed weekly after service has been completed.

Quality Driven Management

From the front office to the guys on the grass, our management system focuses on Quality, Teamwork and Continuous Improvement.

See What Quality Means To Us.


Did your lawn guy disappear? The benefit of working with a professional company is knowing that you can rely on us and that your property will not go without service. We give you a scheduled day of service and notify you via email if that ever changes for weather, emergency delays etc...

“No Contracts” applies to residential lawn care only. In some cases, commercial property maintenance may require commitment.

* Satisfaction guarantee applies to our workmanship on services purchased.

Our Practices

Sharp Cuts

Dull blades not only affect the look of your lawn, but also the health. They rip and tear the grass instead of cutting it cleanly, which can lead to discoloration, disease, and even pests. We sharpen our blades WEEKLY to make sure you get the cleanest cut!

Alternating Mowing Pattern

Mowing your lawn in the same direction every time will cause the grass to lay over to one side, and look worn out over time. It can also cause ruts and soil compaction. Where possible, we change our mowing direction with EVERY cut to make sure your grass stands up straight and tall!

Bed Maintenance *

Standard with every lawn service, we put proper edges on ALL flower beds to prevent grass from growing into the bed or your border. Additionally, we trim the weeds in your beds to ensure they don't become overgrown and unsightly which is a key component to a great looking lawn.

Crack Maintenance*

Notice those pesky weeds growing in the cracks of your driveway and sidewalk? We also trim them with every lawn service to ensure your property has a clean finished appearance.

Professional Appearance

From our vehicles to our personal appearance, it says a lot about the quality of work you should expect. We maintain all of our vehicles and equipment to make sure they are safe, look professional, and we have a strict dress code and no smoking policy.

Proof of Service

We provide INSTANT service completion emails and online access to before and after photos of EVERY service, including your vehicles and gates for your protection which are available as soon as your service is complete!

* Standard bed and crack maintenance includes trimming weeds in mulch beds and cracks with a string trimmer to ground level and does not include removal. Due to liability of flying debris, we do not trim any rock/gravel beds or cracks that have rocks, gravel etc… In these cases and for further weed control we offer ongoing spraying service.

For Your Protection

Before/After Photos of Service

We take before and after photos of your lawn as well as any other areas of your property that we service such as shrubs, trees, flower beds etc…

Before After

Your Property

We also take pictures of critical items on your property such as your home itself, any vehicles on or around the property, pools etc… and before we leave, we confirm by photo that all gates are closed and secured.

INSTANT online access after service

When you sign up with us, you will receive a link to your property’s “timeline” that will show every photo ever taken at your property. As soon as your service is complete, you will receive an email notification and the photos from that service will be INSTANTLY available to view online to give you full peace of mind when you aren’t home!

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Texas Landscape Management is committed to delivering superior quality and reliability, at an affordable price, and giving back to the communities we serve.


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