Sod Installation Service in Spring, TX

Our Sod Installation Process


Step #1

Sod Removal
(as needed)

The first step in our sod installation service is removing any old, damaged or dead turf grass and/or weeds as needed.

tilling before sod

Step #2

(as needed)

We then use commercial grade equipment to till the soil so the new sod roots will be able to easily grow in.


Step #3

(as needed)

Once the soil is tilled and loose, we bring in enriched top soil (or premium turf mix) to level and grade the surface properly (if needed)


Step #4

(as needed)

 Then we use a lawn roller to achieve a nice smooth surface for the new sod.

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Step #5

Sod Installation

Finally, we install the new sod. It’s important to stagger each piece which helps prevent the sod ends from drying out and promotes faster growth into the soil.

sod roller

Step #6

(as needed)

Once the sod is set, we then roll the lawn again which helps roots come in better contact with the soil and removes air pockets, leaving the lawn smooth and level.


Step #7

Clean Up

As you can imagine, installing sod can be a messy task. No worries! After every job we ensure that we clean up all dirt, mud, trash, etc… 

lawn Sprinklers 1cmpsd

Step #8


Before we leave, we will go over what is needed to take care of your new sod and if needed, help setup sprinkler schedules ensuring your lawn has the water it needs!

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