Mulch Installation Services in Spring, TX

Our Mulching Process

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Step #1

Weed Treatment

The first step in our mulching service is taking care of any weeds. We trim any weeds in the beds with a string trimmer, and then what sets us apart from the competition, is that we apply a pre and post emergent herbicide to kill what’s left and help prevent new growth.

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Step #2

Bed Prep

We then prep the bed by blowing out any excess leaves or vegetation and reset any stones or borders as needed to prepare for new mulch.

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Step #3

Mulch Installation

Finally, we install fresh, premium mulch between 2-3″ deep throughout your entire bed. We offer black, brown and red, or you may upgrade to Cedar or Pine Bark mulch for more natural finish!


Step #4

Clean Up

Before we leave, we make sure to clean around the beds, borders, and all hard surfaces leaving you with instant curb appeal!

* Mulch beds require ongoing maintenance. Without it, Texas Landscape Management does not provide any guarantee to a weed free bed as beds must be properly maintained on an ongoing basis, typically every 4-6 weeks. For this, we offer ongoing spraying service.

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Texas Landscape Management is committed to delivering superior quality and reliability, at an affordable price, and giving back to the communities we serve.

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