When you’re busy with work, social commitments, or school, it can be easy to neglect your lawn. However, poor lawn maintenance has many detrimental effects. Not pruning, fertilizing, weeding, watering or generally taking care of your lawn can lead to several issues down the road. We discuss them here.

Lowered Property Value and Curb Appeal

Whether or not you are planning to sell your property anytime soon, how your lawn looks is an important factor in making your property more appealing (and hence more valuable). The lawn is the first part of your property that many will see, and a well-maintained and beautiful lawn gives a great first impression. A lawn that is lush and green fetches a higher price. Remember that selling property is not just about selling your physical home, but about selling an ideal. A well-kept lawn speaks to a household that is healthy and idyllic.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your property, having a well-kept lawn shows that you take pride in your home. It also helps boost the overall beauty of your neighborhood – making not only your family happy, but your neighbors as well.

Unhealthy Grass and Safety

You put your kids and pets at risk when you fail to maintain your lawn. Divots in the earth can end up being places where your child’s ankle gets caught. Brown patches can turn muddy in the rain, while stagnant water attracts mosquitoes. Not keeping up with lawn maintenance means that all of these ‘small’ issues can add up or fester over time, and end up being real dangers either immediately or in the long run. Give your family a safe space to play, rest and enjoy, by keeping up with lawn maintenance. It’s especially important to keep up with lawn health in the spring and summer months, when the grass and flowers begin to flourish again and you and your family start spending more time outdoors.

Pests and Weeds

Do your part for pest and weed control with regular lawn care. Without constant maintenance, insects that are attracted to your lawn will stay, set up camp, breed and cause real damage. Fire ants, for instance, can make quick work of your lawn, as well as bite your kids and pets. Weeds will spoil the overall image of your lawn and can be very difficult to clear once they sprout. Prevention is better than cure, so ensure that your lawn is healthy to avoid pests and weeds from the onset.

Harming the Environment

Keeping up with lawn maintenance can also help the environment. The grass in your lawn serves as a natural filtration system, filtering out tons of dirt and dust that gets tracked every day throughout the country. Lawns also filter water, which contributes to the health of your surroundings. Lush greenery can reduce greenhouse gases, which means that you can play a small part in combating global warming. Keeping your lawn healthy keeps your family safe, your environment flourishing, and your surroundings beautiful. Texas Landscape Management provides premium lawn care at affordable prices – contact us today!

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