Leaf Cleanup Categories

Use the following categories to determine whether you have moderate, heavy, or extra heavy leaf buildup to get an accurate INSTANT quote for leaf cleanups.

moderate leaves

Moderate Leaf Buildup

Moderate leaf buildup is typically leaves that have not accumulated over an extended period of time. 


You can still see majority of the grass/mulch itself and there are not more than one or two leaves on top of each other. 


These leaves can typically be picked up in one pass

heavy leaves

Heavy Leaf Buildup

As leaf buildup accumulates over time, it starts to move into the heavy leaf buildup category. This is where leaves have been falling for an extended period of time, typically over a month or more during the fall/winter without being mulched or removed.


While there may be some spots where grass/mulch can still be seen, the leaves have started to layer or collect in small piles and there may be several leaves on top of each other.


These leaves typically take multiple passes and the bagger fills up much faster.

extra heavy leaves

Extra Heavy Leaf Buildup

Extra heavy buildup is typically a lawn that has not had any leaf maintenance service all fall/winter or has many trees that drop an excessive amount of leaves.


The majority of the lawn or mulch bed cannot be seen or there are large piles of leaves throughout the property. 


There is a significant increase in labor associated with heavy leaf buildup.

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