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When seasons change, the condition of the soil also changes. As such, it is important to insulate your soil with mulch before the season changes. Mulch is used to help improve the condition of the soil and provides a lot of benefits for it. Mulch helps to insulate the soil from extreme temperatures from the hot summer and locks in moisture during the cold winters. Additionally, it keeps your plants healthy as it prevents the growth of weeds. It prevents soil compaction which reduces the rate of water infiltration and drainage.


Mulch helps to protect plants and flowers that are more sensitive to the damage from weed whackers and lawn mowers. Additionally, all types of mulch give off a very attractive and well-maintained look. Many lawn care professionals provide mulch installation if you are unsure of how to do so. Leaving it up to professionals will give you an ease of mind and make your garden look so much more put together! However, before that, it is important to decide from the different types of mulch which would best suit your needs.

Organic Mulch: Wood Chips or Bark

Organic mulch is made out of plant byproducts which are materials that can decompose over a period of time. One of the most common organic mulches that is used is made out of wood chips, nuggets or bark. These mulches are aged and dried and packed into fixed bags. You should choose hardwood if you have trees and shrubs. You can choose to check with your local municipality before you decide to purchase the mulch as some of them offer free fresh ground tree mulch.

Inorganic Mulch: Rock or Crusher Dust

Inorganic Mulch is made out of various materials that do not decompose and thus, it does not have to be replenished. Inorganic mulch contains rocks, stones, crusher dust and other manmade materials. Inorganic mulch is a great option if you want to control the growth of weed. With rock and crusher dust, it will look an amazing option for walkways or pathways. Inorganic mulch is a great option as it is a one time investment of cost and work. You should not use these stones around trees and shrubs as it will not retain the moisture effectively. It can also cause heat stress from ground heating on the plants, resulting in burnt roots.

Organic Mulch: Newspaper or Cardboard

Mulch can be made out of newspaper or cardboard to help suppress the growth of weeds. It is very effective in doing so. You can apply about two or three layers of newspaper or cardboard and cover it with organic materials like leaves or grass clippings to ensure the mulch stays in position. You do not want to use any newspaper pages that are cooled as when it decomposes, the toxic dyes could sip into the soil. As such, use black and white newspaper and cardboard as mulch.