Residential Lawn Service Agreement 


By accepting this agreement, I have fully reviewed and understand the agreement, the scope of work outlined in the quotation(s), the expectations that have been set for the final result, as well as all documentation that has been provided to me. This agreement is valid and will remain in place until terminated in writing and as long as you are an active, ongoing customer of Texas Landscape Management, LLC, or any of Texas Landscape Management, LLC related entities. 

Terms & Conditions: 

1) Legally Binding Agreement: By entering into this agreement with Texas Landscape Management, LLC, you are signing a legally binding agreement for work to be completed at an agreed upon price. In the event that you terminate this agreement, any remaining balances for work that has been completed are due immediately.

2) Estimates: Instant online estimates received through our website are “estimates” only and based on customer input. All instant online estimates must be verified for proper sq. footage and other factors by Texas Landscape Management, LLC.

Texas Landscape Management, LLC cannot see your property prior to our arrival. Therefore, ALL ESTIMATES are based upon criteria provided by the customer and are strictly “estimates” until we arrive at your property. The final invoice may differ from the estimate ONLY if an accurate representation of the property is not provided up front. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure we are made aware of any conditions that will increase the scope/length/difficulty of work or amount of material required. These things include but are not limited to: an access path to the backyard or gate smaller that is smaller than 36″, excessive trash in the lawn, overgrown edging, overgrown perimeters, tall grass, over saturated soil, excessive obstacles in yard such as trampolines, chairs, dog toys, etc… or anything that cannot be seen from google maps. 

All estimates must receive customer approval and electronic signature prior to scheduling of service. If we arrive at the job site and the condition of the property is not as advertised by the client, Texas Landscape Management, LLC reserves the right to cancel service, re-quote and/or add additional services/charges per the pre-defined requirements laid out in this agreement, in our online quoting platform and/or our company policies that are listed on our website. 

These may include, but are not limited to, services such as “Tall Grass Service”, “Overgrown Edging Service”, “Small Gate Service”, or “Wet Lawn Service”.

If you sign up for recurring service to get a lower price compared to the one-time service price and you cancel within 4 services, you agree to have your credit card on file immediately charged the difference for the initial service. The amount you will be charged is the price difference between what you paid and the one-time service price outlined in our instant estimating software, in addition to any waived or discounted pricing for tall grass, overgrown edging etc…You can see this pricing at any time in our instant online quoting software. This policy is to protect us from clients taking advantage by signing up for recurring service to get a lower price with the intention of cancelling. 

By signing the estimate and this service agreement, you agree to hire Texas Landscape Management, LLC to perform the work quoted, and agree to any additional charges that may be incurred by not providing an accurate representation of the condition of your property, changing the condition of your property after it is already being serviced and/or violating company policies. 

If you change the condition of your property after it is already being serviced and it increases the time to service your property, Texas Landscape Management, LLC reserves the right to re-quote to cover the costs of additional labor. This includes but not limited to, adding obstacles in the lawn such as trampolines, flower beds, pools, rock beds, additional obstacles etc…

3) Bi-Weekly Service: There is a minor price increase for bi-weekly service over the weekly service price. This is to cover the cost associated with maintaining a taller, thicker lawn. However, on occasion we find that some lawns just grow significantly faster than others. These are typically lawns that are properly watered and fertilized, or lawns that hold excessive water. Bi-weekly service intervals are not enough to maintain these lawns efficiently. These lawns consistently take longer than estimated due to the bi-weekly service interval and excessive growth. We find that these lawns consistently require triple or quadruple cuts, excessive trimming, edging and blowing. Sometimes they even require push mowers because they hold water and the soil can’t withstand a larger mower. In these cases, we will notify you via email with options. Texas Landscape Management, LLC reserves the right to re-quote if we determine that bi-weekly service takes longer than expected or is not suitable for your lawn due to excessive growth. We may also provide you the option to switch to weekly service.

4) Scheduling: A credit card must be placed on file prior to scheduling of work. If at any time the credit card is removed from your account, you will be immediately removed from the schedule.

Once you have approved the estimate, this service agreement, and stored your card on file, Texas Landscape Management, LLC will reach out to you via email with your scheduled service date. If this date does not work for you, please let us know immediately for rescheduling. 

Ongoing lawn service follows our “standard mow schedule” and continues until canceled, which you may do so at any time. Weekly service is 39 cuts per year* and bi-weekly service is 24 cuts per year*.  Number of services may vary +/- 2 cuts depending on various factors. By hiring Texas Landscape Management, LLC to provide lawn maintenance service on your property, you are agreeing to the number of services outlined in our schedule.

Our mow schedule automatically increases and decreases service intervals based on the season/time of year.

You may view the mow schedule here:

* Number of services may vary +/- 2 services depending on the date that your service falls on. Some months may have additional services. However, we will skip your property if service is not needed.

 5) Time of Service: Due to the number of clients and many factors that may affect our schedule, we cannot provide a time of service. We will provide a scheduled day of service, and we ask that our clients prepare for our visit anytime between 7:30AM through sunset, 7 days a week.

6) Irrigation: We cannot service your lawn if it is wet. We request that you disable your irrigation system and/or refrain from watering your lawn on your scheduled day of service and the following day as well in case there are any delays. If you water your lawn at night, please do not water the night before your scheduled service day as the lawn will likely still be wet the next morning.

7) Complete & Premier Lawn Care Customers: This section does not apply to Essential Lawn Care customersAs a subscriber of our Complete or Premier Lawn Care packages, you agree to have periodic and annual services automatically scheduled and performed, to be charged to your credit card on file at the time of service. You will receive a quotation for these services during the initial quoting process. These additional services are limited to: Hedge Trimming (quarterly), Annual Mulch Maintenance that includes purchase, delivery, and install of new mulch, as well as leaf cleanups as needed up to three times per year. Leaf cleanups are typically performed in November & December before the holidays, and near the end of winter when leaves have stopped falling. If leaf cleanups are not needed, they will be skipped. All additional services will be quoted up front during the quoting phase, before subscribing. We will not automatically schedule or perform any other services than what is listed as part of this package.

8) Payments: Payments to Texas Landscape Management, LLC are due per payment terms stated on your quotation/invoice and are to be paid by credit card, through our billing software. We require that your credit card be placed on file prior to scheduling of work. Ongoing Lawn service is charged to your credit card on the first day of service, prior to arriving at your property. Afterwards, you will be charged weekly after service is rendered.

If the home is listed for sale or you are in process of moving, your account will immediately be switched to pre-pay and you will be charged prior to service until the home is sold.

We do not accept cash, check, or any other payment method for service(s) rendered.

TIPS: If one of our employees left a positive impression on you and you would like to leave a tip, you may do in person or by viewing the invoice/receipt online and selecting the “leave a tip” option! 100% of tips go directly to the employees that worked on your property.

9) Late Payments: All payments are charged to the credit card on file on the corresponding due date. Ongoing lawn service is due weekly after service has been rendered. All other services are due per the payment terms outlined in the estimate. All “non-recurring” balances are due immediately upon completion of service.

If your credit card on file is declined for any reason, we will immediately reach out to you and inform you that your card has been declined. We respectfully request that you make every effort to pay any open balances as soon as possible or at minimum, communicate with us so we can work together towards a resolution. We are a small business and we rely on the income from the services we provide to run our business, pay our employees and support our families. We understand that things happen. If you need to work out a payment plan, please contact us immediately.

If your invoice is paid promptly, we thank you very much. However, if your card on file is declined again in the future, we reserve the right to place your account in “pre-pay” status or terminate service due to ongoing payment issues.

If the invoice is not paid within 3 days, you understand that Texas Landscape Management, LLC will assess an initial $10 late fee to cover the costs of accounting labor to follow up on payment. We will send payment reminders at 3 days, 7 days, and 15 days. After 15 days, you understand that Texas Landscape Management, LLC will add a monthly “account maintenance” fee of 3% until the balance has been paid in full.

If your account becomes more than 3 days past due, any ongoing services will be placed on hold until the balance is paid in full.

If your account becomes more than 30 days past due, you understand and agree that Texas Landscape Management, LLC reserves the right to pursue legal action in an effort to collect the past due balance, including filing for a contractor’s lien against your property, in an effort to collect payment. The debt may be turned over to a collection agency, which may impact your credit. We also reserve the right to pursue collection through a civil lawsuit, requesting attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to the balance owed.

10) Accessibility: For ongoing lawn service, any locked areas MUST be unlocked on the day of service, or we must be provided a combination in advance. We also cannot service your property if there is no gate latch on the outside of the gate.

We cannot call on the day of service as this would be disruptive to our schedule due to the number of clients we have. If we cannot access part of your property due to obstacles, locks, etc… we will skip this area until the next scheduled service, or as long as the area is blocked. You will not be credited for the skip. If the area remains inaccessible for an extended period of time, we reserve the right to quote an additional service fee once the area is accessible.

This includes any area that we cannot access due to obstacles such as overgrown vegetation, overgrown trees, trampolines, things left in the lawn, animals, etc… 

Please be aware that due to liability, we do not move ANY obstacles in the lawn, including trampolines, chairs, BBQ pits, etc… We will only trim around and under them what is easily accessible.

 We do not service any areas with animals due to safety & liability. If animals are in the backyard, it will be skipped.

 You will not be credited for these conditions.

 If we skip part of your property due to inaccessibility, we will send you written notification via email unless you are already aware of it, such as cases where something has been left in the lawn or you have been previously notified. If you choose to have us come back prior to your next service, there will be a $10 return trip fee added. 

Due to inaccessibility and/or liability of damaging these items, we do not trim weeds/grass behind improperly installed downspouts, around pipes such as backflows, pool equipment etc, ground wires etc…or in the corners of the fence posts. The string trimmer cannot access these areas and these items may be damaged. If you would like these areas maintained, we recommend ongoing chemical treatment which is part of our ongoing bed/walkway spraying package.

11) Skipped Services: We do not allow client requested skips during the growing season (March-November). If you skip your service 2 or more times during this period, your service may be subject to termination. If your property is in need of service and you request us to skip it, you will be charged an additional fee for “tall grass service” upon the next cut. This is usually a nominal fee for weekly customers, although if you are a bi-weekly customer and request a skip, your lawn will not be serviced for over a month in between cuts and will result in a larger fee. The fee is based on the sq ft of your property and is determined by our instant online quoting platform.  

During the fall & winter months when there is slow growth, we physically assess each property on site to determine if the lawn needs service. We look for grass & weed growth as well as the condition of the edging and debris on hard surfaces. However, this assessment is subjective and we understand that some clients may have a different opinion on whether their lawn needs serviced. Please be aware that if you do not manually request a service skip during the fall & winter months, your lawn may be serviced per the standard mow schedule at our discretion. We cannot be held responsible for servicing your lawn per the standard schedule if you have not requested a skip and therefore, we do not offer discounts or refunds in these cases. We do however make every attempt to skip your lawn if it doesn’t need service in our opinion. Our standard procedure is to ensure the lawn looks freshly cut, there are no tall weeds growing in the lawn, the hard surfaces are clean and the edging is not growing over the edge. If your lawn meets these conditions, it will be skipped without request.

12) Weather Delays: Texas Landscape Management, LLC will make every effort to maintain your service on schedule. However, weather is out of our control.

For ongoing lawn service, minor rain will not prevent us from servicing your lawn. However, we cannot cut when the ground is heavily saturated as it will cause ruts and damage your lawn. If you insist on your lawn being cut while wet, Texas Landscape Management, LLC will not be held responsible for any damages incurred. If your lawn is too wet to cut on the day of service, it will be rescheduled for the next available day, typically the following business day. If you are a weekly client and the weather will not allow us to service your lawn for several business days, or the business week ends (Monday-Friday), that week’s service will be skipped altogether and we will resume service on the next week’s scheduled day. If you are a bi-weekly client, we will reschedule your service for the next available business day.

13) Weather Related Charges: If your lawn is heavily saturated or holding water, we will be forced to use push mowers which are much slower and labor intensive. Additionally, wet grass is difficult to cut because it clumps and sticks to the mowers. Most times it requires 4-5 cuts, which results in more fuel usage and additional wear and tear on equipment. Personnel and equipment get excessively dirty/muddy. It is likely the grass is much taller as well due to excessive rain. In these cases, it typically takes twice as long (or more) to service your property and is significantly more physically intensive. We attempt to delay your property until it is not wet. However, that is not always possible as the grass gets too tall, or weather will not allow it. In the event that we have to cut your lawn while it is wet or the ground is heavily saturated, Texas Landscape Management, LLC reserves the right to apply a “Wet Lawn Service” fee to cover the associated costs. We understand that rain is unavoidable. However, the cost of additional labor associated with wet lawns belongs to the client. In order for us to remain competitive, we must charge accordingly for time spent at the job site. This charge is a flat 50% upcharge of your normal service cost and will only be applied as mentioned above. We will make every attempt to avoid this on your behalf. If you request us to skip your property until it is dry, we can do so. However, we may need to apply “tall grass service” to the next service.

14) Other Delays: Unfortunately, there may be other delays such as equipment failure, emergencies, staffing issues. If any of this happens you will be notified immediately, and we will reschedule your service as soon as possible. You will not be charged for any other delays that are caused by Texas Landscape Management, LLC.

 15) Product Warranties: All warranties are limited to those offered by the manufacturers of the products used. Texas Landscape Management, LLC makes no additional warranties. If you ever have a concern regarding our workmanship, Texas Landscape Management, LLC should be notified immediately. We must be notified of any concerns within 48 hours.

16) Water Usage: By signing this agreement, you agree to provide Texas Landscape Management, LLC the right to use an on-site water supply as needed to complete the stated project without compensation.

17) General Safety: Safety is of the upmost concern to us. Texas Landscape Management, LLC will take every precaution to protect the safety of everyone on site. However, while we are performing work on your property, you are responsible for keeping all children and pets, and other individuals away from the work area. Texas Landscape Management, LLC shall not be held responsible for children, visitors or pets that may be harmed by entering the work area.

18) Vehicles: During lawn service, if vehicles are left in the driveway or parked in front of the home, we will make every attempt to work around them, but may not be able to complete service in those areas. (see #8 – Accessibility)

19) Service Ready: Texas Landscape Management, LLC will make every attempt to provide the highest quality service possible. With that in mind, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure their property is ready for service upon our arrival. Your irrigation must be disabled on your day of service. Your lawn must free and clear of any trash, debris, toys, pet waste, etc… that may prevent us from performing service on your lawn. 

Texas Landscape Management, LLC shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, incomplete service, or storage issues resulting from any items being left on the lawn or moved to complete service. Ongoing blockages, obstacles, dog toys, water hoses, personal items or pet waste left in the yard may result in additional charges to maintain your property. Texas Landscape Management, LLC reserves the  right to re-quote in these cases.

Fees for moving items and/or preparing your lawn for service after our arrival range from $5-$25 and we do not guarantee that we will offer this service. If your lawn has items scattered, it may be skipped. Ongoing issues with your lawn not being ready for service upon our arrival may result in service termination.

20) Pets: Texas Landscape Management, LLC cannot be held responsible for pets escaping your backyard during our service. We require that all pets are secured on your day of service. We ask that you do not leave your animals in your backyard for any extended period of time on your scheduled service day as we may arrive at any time. When we arrive at your property, we look through the gate to see if there is an animal in the back but we are not always able to see them. Often they are on the other side of the yard and come running while it is too late for us to exit or close the gate. If we open your gate to service your lawn and your animal escapes, we will notify you but cannot be held responsible and due to liability, we cannot assist in returning the animal to your home. If your animal harms someone else because it escaped, we cannot be held responsible.

If we enter your property on your scheduled day of service (even if it was rescheduled, as long as you were notified) and your animal causes harm to our workers, you shall be held liable. Please understand that you are hiring Texas Landscape Management to enter your property to perform a service. We are unable to effectively determine your property is safe to enter when we arrive. This document serves as an agreement that you (the client) will ensure we are protected and safe to enter your property throughout the entire scheduled day of service.

 Additionally, pet waste is unsanitary and can track diseases from one lawn to another, in addition to foul smells and hassles of cleaning our body, clothing and equipment. We must remove it before we can continue to service other clients. It also prevents us from completing your service altogether because we cannot trim your property when there is pet waste in the lawn. You agree to remove any pet waste from your lawn prior to each service.

We want you to understand that our pet waste policy is not a profit source for us. We understand that things happen in life, including rescheduling on our part, so if we encounter a single pile of pet waste, don’t expect to see a violation. We have the policy to help ensure that our clients are actively cleaning up prior to our arrival. We have many clients and unfortunately, we do encounter clients that do not pick it up at all which is problematic for our business. As long as this is actively being done, you should not notice any pet waste fees. Our policy is typically enforced when a client is clearly not actively cleaning it up or has not cleaned up the waste in a timely manner.

If we encounter pet waste, you will be charged a $15 pet waste fee, per incident. If we determine that this is an ongoing policy violation, you will be charged a $25 pet waste fee and any areas that have pet waste will be skipped.

The fee covers the additional labor associated with cleaning ourselves and our equipment and does not cover picking up the pet waste. You will be notified via email on your first violation only. If we continue to encounter pet waste, we may terminate your service.

We suggest our clients to schedule picking up the pet waste on a weekly basis, or hiring a pet waste removal company to complete it prior to lawn service. We also recommend to ensure it is picked up if your animal goes outside on your day of service.

21) Damages to your property:  Texas Landscape Management, LLC expects your property to be in good condition. Your lawn should also be free of anything that could be hit or damaged by mowers/trimmers. We inspect every property for potential issues before starting every job and do our best to avoid hazards, although accidents do happen. We request that our clients do everything possible to help avoid damages. We notify the homeowner and take caution around any trouble areas. We take preventative measures to prevent damage. However, Texas Landscape Management, LLC shall not be held not responsible for any of the following conditions or damages:


  • Anything left in the lawn such as water hoses, dog/kid toys or personal items
  • Unburied cables/ Improperly buried cables, lines, pipes, or anything that isn’t buried to the proper depth.
  • Solar lights installed in the lawn or near edging of flower beds
  • Improperly installed irrigation heads that are sticking up above ground level in the lawn
  • Failing pop up sprinkler heads that are stuck in the raised position. These need to be replaced. We cannot see them when mowing and they are easily damaged.
  • Any plastic material such as plastic downspouts and splash blocks as these items degrade over time and are easily damaged by trimmers.
  • Wear and tear on fence posts or boards, including paint/stain damage to fence posts by string trimmer
  • Ground rods/cables
  • Scalping of the turf by our equipment caused by uneven lawn, holes etc…
  • Temporary grass stains/markings on concrete/hard surfaces due to wet lawns as this is unavoidable.
  • Any damage to your home caused by temporary or personal items left in the lawn (i.e dog toy, charcoal briquet, pieces of wood etc…)  that may be hidden and run over by the mower or hit with a string trimmer and then projected towards and cause damage to the home such as broken windows, damaged siding etc… This does not include permanent lawn items or landscaping material.
  • Any pre-existing damage or deteriorating condition of your home or property. 
    Including but not limited to: 
    • Anything that is improperly installed or failing (in need of repair)
    • Leaks due to faulty seals on doors, windows, light fixtures etc…
    • Cracked Driveways, Sidewalks, Entryways, Patios, Pavers etc…
    • Any deteriorating surface, peeling paint, water damaged siding, etc…
    • Improperly installed or failing siding
    • Loose or failing shingles.
    • Broken or open windows 
    • Wood Rot, including but not limited to, home, siding, or fencing.
    • Defective/Improper Construction
    • Poor or improper installation, maintenance, or repair of electrical related items
    • Loose or improperly installed gutters/drains

Please disclose these areas (or any area of concern) prior to commencement of work. We assume no liability for these conditions. Texas Landscape Management, LLC is fully insured should we be responsible for any other damages not resulting from a pre-existing condition.

In the event a covered damage does occur, you agree to allow Texas Landscape Management, LLC to resolve and repair or re-work any damage claims made prior to forcing another contractor to make the repairs. We do understand that if damage does occur that it can create tension and sometimes anger, we simply ask that you please respond with fairness as accidents do happen in life but we strive to ensure thy are resolved promptly and appropriately.

Please understand that as a management company that works with many trusted and vetted contractors in different industries, we do not pay retail pricing. Our cost of repair could be significantly lower than yours. If you refuse us the right to repair damages than we reserve the right to issue a payment for the wholesale cost of repair rather than the retail cost. If, upon completion of repair or re-work, the damage is not fixed correctly, Texas Landscape Management, LLC agrees to have a 3rd party contractor of your choice make the repairs or re-work at our cost.

22) Damages to our equipment:  Texas Landscape Management, LLC expects your lawn to be free of hazards. On occasion we encounter hazards that cause damage to our equipment which is very costly. These types of things are typically found in overgrown lawns but this applies to all properties. If we hit something hidden in your lawn that doesn’t belong or is improperly installed and it caused damage to our equipment, we reserve the right to bill you for the repairs. These items include improperly installed or broken ground rods, bricks, rocks, metal stakes, edging, wire, rope, etc… anything that cannot easily be seen and likely to be run over by the mower and cause significant damage. By hiring Texas Landscape Management, you agree to walk your lawn and remove any hazards that may pose a risk.

23) Use of Chemicals: Texas Landscape Management, LLC makes every effort to use chemicals required to complete our job responsibly, in a safe manner, protecting our employees, our clients, their property and the environment. In any event there is damage caused by accident, misuse, spillage, etc… we will immediately take every effort to control the situation, notify the client and repair the damages. Texas Landscape Management, LLC must be notified immediately, within 7 days. We will open an investigation to determine the cause, preventative actions, and corrective action to get the damage repaired.

24) Scope of Work: The service quoted is the service we will perform on your scheduled service day. Should you require any additional services we will need to generate a new estimate. In many cases, this can be done on site should you need additional services during our visit. All estimates must be approved by the customer and signed electronically. Not all services added can be performed the same day as we have full schedules. If you ask to have a service done immediately on site without a quote (any service outside of what we are there for, even minor) you agree to the standard charges associated with the additional labor. In these cases, we must apply our standard labor rate per the service type ($75-125/hr). We ask that all services are given the proper time to review and quote. Additionally, it may interrupt the work we are there to do, setting us behind schedule and costing us more time on your property.

25) Definition of Services:

Mowing: Use of mower on all lawn (grassy) areas that are accessible. Cutting the lawn to the appropriate height and ensuring there are no clumps left on lawn (excluding overgrown lawns unless bagging service is quoted). Our standard mowing service includes use of the mower, mulching and dispersing grass clippings and does not include bagging service. Standard lawn service does not include any service for leaves. However, if there is a minor amount of leaves in the street/driveway/sidewalk upon our arrival, we will blow them into the lawn and mulch what we can. It does not include mowing areas without grass. If you would like your lawn bagged or need a leaf cleanup, please request an estimate. If the mower doesn’t fit or cannot access the area it will not be mowed. If it’s a small area, we will string trim it. Otherwise it will be skipped. If there are obstacles in the way, they will not be moved. We will mow around them. Any additional passes with the mower and/or mulching of leaves is done as a courtesy to ensure a clean lawn appearance and is not included as part of standard lawn service.

String Trimming: Use of string trimmer to cut remaining grass around perimeter of home, flower beds, and obstacles in the lawn that the mower cannot cut. We will trim weeds in flower beds, walkways, cracks etc… to within 1-2” of ground level, excluding any areas that have rocks/pebbles, even if it is in the lawn due to risk of flying debris, which may cause damage to your property. Therefore, these areas will be avoided and must be treated chemically or complete removal of the stone.

Bed & Crack Maintenance: Standard bed and crack maintenance includes trimming weeds in mulch beds and cracks with a string trimmer to within 1-2” of ground level and does not include removal. We do not trim weeds that are overgrown and too thick to cut with a string trimmer nor do we trim weeds that are growing within other plants. We may not be able to trim beds due to various conditions like certain mulch types, too many plants etc… In cases where trimming is not available, and for further weed control we offer bed cleanup and ongoing spraying services.

Edging: Use of string trimmer to make an edge on the lawn anywhere the grass meets a hard surface or flower bed. We do not edge anywhere the lawn meets up with rocks, pebbles, gravel etc…as this could cause flying debris and damage your property. Therefore, these areas will be avoided and must be treated chemically or complete removal of the stone.

Blowing: Use of blowers to blow any “service” related clippings and other minor organic matter that has fallen since our last service from hard surfaces or flower beds and back into the lawn. This does not include blowing excessive amounts leaves, pine needles etc… This does not include blowing of leaves that pile up in the street. If there is a minor amount of leaves in the street/driveway/sidewalk upon our arrival, we will blow them into the lawn and mulch them as courtesy. However, if the leaves have piled up and/or become saturated, this is not included in standard lawn service. At the end of each service, we will blow excessive leaves near fence lines and in flower beds to ensure that you have a clean lawn appearance. If you have excessive amounts of leaves/pine needles etc… they will be left or you may opt for a leaf cleanup service. Standard lawn service does not include any service for leaves, and any such services are done as a courtesy.

26) Cancellations: Texas Landscape Management, LLC does not require commitment contracts for ongoing maintenance service. You may cancel your service at any time. However, any balances for work completed are due immediately upon cancellation and your card on file will be charged for any outstanding invoices.

Deposits: Deposits are collected on specific jobs per the payment terms and as noted on the estimate. Deposits help cover the up front cost to purchase material, as well as the cost of business associated with scheduling jobs. We will make every effort to return as much of your deposit as possible, but require fair compensation for our labor and material associated with booking your job.

Labor: If a job is canceled prior to any work being completed, you agree to be charged a minimum flat fee of 1 hour at $75/hour as fair compensation for the labor and cost of doing business to schedule and plan your job, as well as cancellation. The remainder of your deposit will be returned to you, minus any material expenses noted below.

If the job is canceled while work is in progress, you agree to be charged $75 per man hour (man hours are the total hours spent for each worker combined), the work will immediately cease and the property will be left as is unless other agreements are made.

Material: If any material was purchased for your job and that material is non-returnable, you agree to be charged for that material as well as delivery, and that material will be delivered to you (or left on site if already there). If we can return that material, we will return it to the supplier and you agree to be responsible for any restocking fees as well as the costs associated with the return.

27) Satisfaction Guarantee: Texas Landscape Management, LLC provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the work we perform, excluding any product warranties. If you are not satisfied with our work, we must be notified immediately, within 48 hours to file a valid satisfaction claim. All satisfaction claims are thoroughly investigated by us. You agree to allow Texas Landscape Management, LLC the right to resolve and repair or re-work any claims made. If, upon completion of repair or re-work, you are still not satisfied, Texas Landscape Management, LLC agrees to have a 3rd party contractor of your choice make the repairs or re-work at our cost. You agree to be charged the complete balance of the invoice(s) due and Texas Landscape Management, LLC agrees to pay the contractor of your choice for the repairs or re-work.

The total invoice amount owed to Texas Landscape Management, LLC will be due immediately upon hire of the 3rd party contractor and Texas Landscape Management, LLC shall no longer be held liable for any claims or the work performed by the 3rd party contractor.

28) Fertilization & Weed Control: Fertilization and weed control is a program that applies pre-emergent and post-emergent control measures in an attempt to prevent and control weeds as well as provide nutrients to your lawn. No program will ever be perfect due to many varying factors such as weather, pests, etc… and should be considered an ongoing treatment program. All fertilization and/or weed control applications are considered “treatments” only and Texas Landscape Management, LLC does not provide any guarantees for the result of such applications. 

29) Inflation: Inflation is the rate of increase in the cost of living (or operating) over a given period of time. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be avoided. Over time, our cost of doing business increases due to inflation. Labor rates go up. Material & expense costs go up. Therefore, we must increase our prices over time to keep up with inflation or we would go out of business and that’s not good for us or our clients.

The average target inflation rate by the US Federal Reserve is 2% annually. Often, it is higher than that. However, in an effort to minimize price increases to our clients while managing our operating costs, rather than applying arbitrary price increases at random intervals, all recurring clients agree to a 2% price increase, applied annually at the start of each season on March 1st. The 2% increase will be applied to the total price of your recurring service, before tax.

We sincerely hope that you understand this is not an additional profit source for us and this is simply a measure applied so that we can continue providing quality and reliable service to our clients.

30) Revisions: Occasionally, we may need to make revisions or additions to this agreement in order to protect us or our clients. As an ongoing client of Texas Landscape Management, LLC you agree to any updates, changes, or revisions to this agreement, as long as you are notified via email of any revisions and given an opportunity to review the agreement. If you are notified via email of revisions to this agreement and you do not terminate your recurring service within 7 days, you will remain an ongoing client of Texas Landscape Management, LLC and agree to all the terms of the new agreement.  

31) Agreement: This agreement is binding upon, and inures to the benefit of the heirs, executors, assignee’s, and successors of the respective parties. 

32) Arbitration: All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of Texas or another location mutually agreeable to the parties. An award of Arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction. All matters will be conducted between the two parties in this Agreement only, and a neutral third party. All agreements and changes to the agreements made during arbitration between Texas Landscape Management, LLC and the customer shall be signed by both parties.


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Texas Landscape Management is committed to delivering superior quality and reliability, at an affordable price, and giving back to the communities we serve.

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